Looking for something different for your business?

The additional services section are providers who we use in addition to our standard $40 a month recurring fee. Our fee doesn't change if you use or don't use a service below, but we highly recommend these if you do not have the suitable alternative.

TCP Shield

Jasmeow.Systems has partnered with TCP Shield, a DDoS Minecraft Java & Bedrock protection provider who provide excellent support and dedicated mitigation from incoming attacks. Bringing on TCP has made a significant change to our customer base where they have used other providers but they have been beaten significantly due to the feature set and considerably lower price with us becoming an MSP. You have the decision to use TCP Shield for your MC network through us. This will be configured, monitored and tailored to your specific needs and requirements.

Managed Storage Backups

We provide fully managed backup solutions using multiple platforms and our own storage box management, looking after your MC network or businesses backups with unlimited storage where required. Fast upload for reducing server strain is a must and fast download is key to minimizing downtime where a recovery operation is needing to be completed.

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