Remote Monitoring

Using HetrixTools and custom applications developed for our systems, we can reliably see at a glance if the systems monitored have a fault and investigate immediately, mitigating downtime by scheduling maintenance of broken hardware or querying as to why resources are being overloaded. All features of the system can be monitored including CPU, RAM, Drive Health & Usage, Network In & Out, RAID Warnings and Ports/Services going offline. 

Enterprise Security

Using CloudFlare ZeroTrust/WAF, SSH keys, authentication reporting, appropriate access and advanced firewall configurations, we can make sure your systems are not attacked by denial of service, malicious intent or social engineering. Systems are locked down to specific IP addresses by our staff for access to SSH, panel access filtered for only relevant staff members of your network or business to access and any common vulnerabilities patched to aid against attack from unauthorised users.

Extensive Logging

We use rclone, the swiss army knife for system administrators, to report back to our Discord channels over backups being run and completion logs to overlook in case of any failed uploads. Using online cloud services such as Office 365, Dropbox & Google Drive, backups can be accessed anywhere on any device making any downtime easy to recover from in the event of a system becoming completely unresponsive.

Dedicated Support

We dedicate time to making sure your systems are running as they should with staff around the clock to aid in any issues you may face, providing solutions to broken applications and fixing them as soon as possible. We put in the work to make sure you are secured and supported no matter the journey you are taking with your network or business. With combined knowledge not just in the systems industry but in games such as Minecraft, we can sort issues that others cannot and mitigate the issue before it becomes an issue for the player base or client on your host.

And More...

Reach out to us today to find out more about what we can do for your small community, large business or just an individual who wants piece of mind.

Features which are deemed security sensitive are not featured on the site for privacy reasons or provide information for attack vectors. Remembering the phrase of security by obscurity is never followed when clients are managed with us. This means that systems are well protected and always follow the "always breach, always down" mindset. ZeroTrust networking is paramount to our business and we ensure systems are following this protocol at all times.

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